Our Team

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Michael Paolucci

A wonderful moment presenting Slooh in Nigeria to kick-off our partnership connecting US and Nigerian schools. Click my name to read more.


Paul Cox

I’ve managed most aspects of Slooh’s observatory tech and engineering, and nothing beats setting up our mobile observatory in far away places to capture nature's most magical celestial moments. Click my name to read more.


Ed Kalin

I am a co-founder of a makerspace and an MIT graduate with a deep interest in amateur astronomy. Click my name to read more.

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G.M. O’Connell

G.M. founded Modem Media in 1987, the first online marketing agency, ever. Now he uses his powers for Slooh, thanks to Henry.

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Bob Berman

As a professional astronomer, I've spent my life communicating about the universe --a rewarding job. Click my name to read more.


Tricia Ennis

I am a broadcast and production professional with a passion for space and exploration. Click my name to read more.

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Kerry Dorton

I am an experienced Montessori teacher having spent my career in the classroom teaching both math and science to 4th through 8th grade students. Click my name to read more.


Matt Francis

I am the owner and director of Prescott Observatory, which officially opened in 2011. Click my name to read more.


Mathew Marulla

I wrote most of the code that powers Slooh’s automation. Click my name to read more.

Alan Blake

Alan Blake

Twice winner of The Palm D’Or and the Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions at the Cannes Advertising Film Festival and many other industry awards.


Patrick Paolucci

Among other things, I built Slooh’s media syndication engine, making it possible for our LIVE broadcasts of celestial events to be picked up by media outlets all over the world, and seen by millions worldwide. Click my name to read more.



Help me make Slooh's Golden Record an exciting place to be by pinning content and reacting to what you see.

mark irwin

Mark Irwin

I established a partnership with Slooh for the Discovery Channel in 2005, and have been following the company's evolution ever since. Click my name to read more.

sam venneri

Sam Venneri

I have over thirty years’ experience in aerospace and technology programs for NASA and helped Slooh build relationships at NASA. Click my name to read more.


Otto von Slooh

♫ ♫ Nobody knows the trouble I've seen.....♫ ♫


Karen Stevens

Karen Stevens is a former urban planner. She left her career in New York City to raise her children. She  currently lives in northwestern Connecticut with her husband and two children. She is a voracious and speedy reader of all types of fiction, with a particular love for the novel.


Eliza Booth

Eliza Booth worked in publishing in her early twenties and then went back to school  for her MLA. She has since designed several small private gardens (my own and my sisters!!!) and a school garden while raising her children. Along with her work for Slooh, she is currently working on short

Work with us!!

Operations Manager

This role encompasses the day-to-day operation of Slooh’s observatories to maximise uptime and quality; diagnosing and resolving technical issues that may arise.  It involves the day-to-day remote management of the observatory equipment, and the management of telescope schedules to maximise availability to members.  You’ll have a methodical work ethic with attention to detail.  Experience of the equipment Slooh uses would be highly beneficial.  Flexibility regarding working hours is required.

Slooh Classroom Program Manager

We are looking for an experienced educator to manage our new Slooh Classroom program.  You are likely to be a science teacher or a teacher with an interest and knowledge of astronomy.  You will work to promote and extend the program across schools in the USA and Africa by building relationships with educational organisations and institutions.

Studio Assistant/Video Editor

Slooh is seeking a super smart and energetic studio manager and digital video editor at our Southbury, CT office. The studio assistant/video editor is an entry level position reporting to the Director of Programming to produce weekly live broadcasts and a library of edited video for our global audience.  Responsibilities include search for and assemble images and video for use in livestreams, assist in research for weekly shows, run studio equipment/switcher during livestreams, work with studio team to outline short videos–original pieces and highlights of live shows, assemble video/photo assets for use in edited videos, cut 3-5 minute short videos, set up and monitor nightly telescope feeds, assist in maintenance of studio equipment, assist in generating ideas for future broadcasts and video projects, continually investigate, review, and implement new technologies and techniques to improve live broadcasts and edited material. Apply

Community Manager/Social Media Manager

We are hiring a community manager to support all customer interaction including crowdsourcing content from members interacting with the audience via social media, customer service and promotion. This person should be a social maven online and off, and have 1-2 years of digital marketing experience in related fields.Apply

Front-end (UI/UX) Software Engineer
Slooh is looking for a skilled front-end UI/UX software engineer with a passion for creating amazing user experiences. The ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate expertise with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, along with AJAX and REST API programming. Experience with React.js, ability to quickly translate a wireframe design into a solid, production-ready system, knowledge of responsive design techniques, and a thorough understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues would be a big plus. This position requires strong attention to detail, excellent communication skills, an appreciation for the wonders of the Universe.

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Software Engineer
Slooh is looking for a LAMP software engineer with a passion for astronomy to further our product development efforts. The ideal candidate should have several years of experience in commercial software development, with broad experience across the stack, hands-on experience with Javascript, CSS, HTML and WordPress, and excellent communication skills. Requires some experience with Java.

Internships If you attend school in near Southbury CT, are strong in science class, and were born with an iPhone in your hands, we have paid internships for the young and the punctual.Apply