We’re excited to launch our brand new channel featuring our live programming, nightly live telescope views, and the best of our event broadcasts – all streaming 24-hours a day.

Live Broadcasts

Tune in to all the live shows and events you’ve come to love here on Slooh. Whether its a meteor shower, the close approach of a potentially hazardous asteroid, a total solar eclipse, and much more besides, the live broadcasts you’ve come to rely on can all be found in one place.

Live Telescope Views

From the moment our telescopes in the Canary Islands open each evening, to the moment they close (weather permitting), we’ll be streaming those beautiful celestial vistas straight to your mobile device, computer, or connected TV.

Slooh Astronomer members can share their favorite objects with the rest of the community by scheduling them just as they always have.

We’ll be launching the Slooh Camera feature in the coming weeks to enable all members to snap and share the live views!

Best of Slooh

Did you miss one of our event broadcasts?  Now you can catch them streaming all day long.  Whether you’re looking for an astro fix to start your morning, or a quick break during your workday, you can catch Slooh’s programming whenever the craving strikes.

And if that wasn’t enough, members can still watch any of our past broadcasts on demand.

Join the Conversation

If watching isn’t enough for you, then it’s time to log on to Twitter and interact with our hosts, guests, and other viewers. Just send us a tweet using the hashtag #Slooh to join the conversation.  Ask us questions, make comments, share your stories, and see what other people are saying at the same time, all in one place.