saturn above

You are interested in space or you would not be here, but we are also hoping that you are interested in literature. As such, Slooh is pleased to announce the formation of our own imprint, Slooh Space Books.

We are dedicated to creating goodwill among mankind by celebrating our common cause under a shared sky. We are less about the reflection of light in a telescope than the reflection on a person’s face when they are looking through it. To further that vision, we are gathering the best short fiction about space from around the world. We are planning to publish a series of anthologies and, ultimately, generate original fiction about space. As a member of our community, you are an integral part of this goal and we would welcome your participation and feedback.

Our first anthology will embody the spirit of Slooh’s mission of open access to the stars for all: we will present a multitude of visions about what lies beyond our world. A community of views, if you will. This first anthology will focus on western visions – subsequent collections will spotlight other global perspectives.

If you would like to be notified upon release of the first book in 2016, please join Slooh or submit your email address below. If you would like to submit a favorite short story or original creation about space for consideration in a future volume, please link to the story in the message field or otherwise indicate for us to follow up via email.

Karen Stevens & Eliza Booth, Editors

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