Slooh Powers Vodafone ONE’s Reach the Moon Project


Vodafone ONE’s Madrid based advertising agency Sra Rushmore knew they wanted to showcase a live feed of the moon 19 hours a day for a month, but how to do it, and on only three weeks notice? Call Slooh of course.

Our very own Paul Cox sprang into action, laying out charts of when the moon would be visible and from where, and then lining up partners in the Slooh Global Telescope Network to provide live feeds. Paul pulled together telescopes in the USA, Australia, Dubai, Chile and the Canary Islands, and innovated a process to image the moon during daylight hours when necessary. The result? See it for yourself here, or a teaser video below:

The campaign started on April 23rd and will run through May 13th, another great example of how Slooh can leverage its global telescope network to bring the universe to the public and work in partnership with world class institutions like Vodafone and Sra Rushmore.

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