Slooh Inspired Yoga

Slooh friend Ali Grimes is incorporating the ebb and flow of the night sky into her Yoga classes, after experiencing the wonder of space on Slooh. Ali will host a Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse Yoga Flow this Saturday, April 4th, 7:00-8:15 PM at Charym in Litchfield.
“I watched the Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th live online via Slooh’s coverage in Norway at 4:00 AM and WOW, I sobbed at the brilliance of this experience”, says Grimes, who has been teaching Yoga in Litchfield County for the past seven years. “These are interesting times we are living in and the last Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th and the New Moon, which kicked off the spring equinox, was a powerful activator of shift in energy on planet Earth. This energy lasts all month long, and will be increased during the apex of the Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse. Come merge with the frequency of this full moon and eclipse, to celebrate and support your body and complete energy system to flow with grace into these changes.” Here is the link to pre-register. Space is limited.

Visible across the Pacific and parts of North and South America, this is the first of two total lunar eclipses in 2015. Slooh will broadcast the eclipse live on April 4th at 6am EDT, 3am PDT, 10:00UTC from multiple sites across the world, while celebrating the event with a hearty ‘Breakfast on the Moon‘.  As lunar eclipses go, this one is unusual because totality lasts just under five minutes, from 11:58 UT to just past 12:02 UT. Many total lunar eclipses last an hour or more. The Earth’s partial shadow on the Moon will be visible for nearly three hours before and after totality.

 For more information on Ali’s classes, visit and

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