Slooh College, a live space lab for undergraduate students, launches Fall 2015

  • Built on a global network of robotic telescopes twelve years in the making, from the worldwide leader in live astronomy
  • Affordable pricing for the student budget
  • Powerful and flexible observatory interface supports undergraduate level assignments in astronomy
  • Observatory specifications


Slooh College
Monthly Student Rate
Special Introductory Offer
Robotic Telescope Control
Robotic control of telescopes in the northern (Canary Islands) and southern (Chile) hemispheres
Easily point the telescopes at any object in the night sky with time-zone shift enabling live daytime viewing in the USA
Make up to five reservations at a time up to a week in advance, and capture, collect, and share images for hands-on science
Access supplemental learning activities to master the art and science of astronomy
Watch amazing daily live telescope feeds featuring whatever whizzes by Earth or goes bang in night. Slooh will capture every flicker of light and share it with your class, including eclipses, transits, solar flares, occultations, oppositions, supernova, comets, asteroids, alien invasions and more!
Slooh hosts Bob Berman, Will Gater and Paul Cox are on call day and night to offer their perspective and interview educational experts on time, space and life in the universe, from NASA, leading universities and think tanks
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There are no charges over and above your initial subscription fee which is billed immediately and is non-renewing. When we are ready to enroll students in the program and upon your registration, you will select the number of months you want to purchase at $24.95 a month per student. Upon purchase you will be given a page to print a receipt.