Slooh and IAC Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their Collaboration and Extend their Groundbreaking Public/Private Partnership to 2020


The Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) and Slooh announced an extension of their partnership to 2020. Since 2003, Slooh has given amateur astronomers access to robotic observatories situated at the IAC’s Teide Observatory, and has broadcast live celestial events to the public, featuring eclipses, transits, asteroids, comets, supernovae and more.

“The Canarian Observatories offer extraordinary potential for scientific exploration of the universe with more than 20 fully operational professional telescopes”, says Professor Rafael Rebolo, Executive Director of the IAC. “Thanks to the Slooh initiative, with its two telescopes at the Teide Observatory, amateur astronomers from all over the world can develop their own observing programs. This new era of collaboration between the IAC and Slooh will open the way for amateur astronomers who wish to contribute actively in research projects at IAC to pursue that goal.”

“In 2003 we sought a world-class observatory to share the wonders of the universe with the broader public”, says Michael Paolucci, Founder and CEO of Slooh. “The IAC was visionary then to recognize the need for public/private partnerships to advance space exploration and discovery, which is in vogue today, and we look forward to building on our momentum to share their important work and stimulate interest in astronomy.”

Slooh and the IAC will be working to expand their partnership to engage amateur astronomers to support IAC research programs. Slooh has given amateur astronomers a means of sharing the cost of high quality observatories, and fostered a collaborative community between them to contribute to scientific discovery. With IAC support, Slooh will offer advanced training for research initiatives such as exoplanet discovery, and focus the efforts of amateurs toward goals that are important to the scientific community.

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