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    Announcing Slooh Space Books

    You are interested in space or you would not be here, but we are also hoping that you are interested in literature. As such, Slooh is pleased to announce the formation of our own imprint, Slooh Space Books

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    Introducing Slooh’s Golden Record

    As a part of our ongoing commitment to showcase all forms of human response to space, Slooh is launching Golden Record, to build a living anthropological record that reflects the diversity of perspective on Earth regarding our place in the cosmos. Help us collect every original creation and artistic interpretation inspired by space in literature, music, art,

  • IAC Cosmos

    IAC Large Telescope Show Series

    The Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, home of the world's largest telescope and host of Slooh's Flagship Observatory on Mt. Teide, will provide unprecedented public viewing via Slooh through their some of their very large research telescopes. Celebrate with us as we reach new heights in our decade

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    Slooh Education and Global Outreach

    Slooh founder Michael Paolucci and María Elena Muñiz and her colleagues from the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Media meet at the Planetarium located in Old Havana's Plaza Vieja on April 27th, 2015 to discuss making Slooh available in Cuba.

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    Come celebrate the Summer Solstice with Slooh@Wanderlust, the yoga festivals of mindful living. Slooh will travel to Wanderlust Stratton June 20th for a very special live outdoor event.

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    Slooh NASA Asteroid Trackers

    Slooh & NASA signed a Space Act Agreement in 2014 to support Slooh Citizen Astronomer members in tracking near-Earth asteroids as a part of NASA's Asteroid Grand Challenge. Join Slooh's A-Team, a special group organized with NASA to train legions of new astronomers to help protect our planet.

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    Slooh Expeditions

    Join Slooh as we travel the world to bring you live astronomy wherever it's happening. Slooh's Citizen Astronomer members can join the expedition and help Slooh broadcast the magical moment to the rest of the world, as Slooh/IAC/Gloria Project did for the Kenya Hybrid Eclipse in November 2013.

  • Hubble Cosmos

    2004 Petition to Save Hubble

    Slooh promoted Savethehubble.org and received more than 40,000 signatures from people who agreed the Hubble should be spared after NASA Administrator O'Keefe canceled the final servicing mission. Ultimately, due to public pressure, NASA decided to send a manned mission to service Hubble in 2008 which remains productive to this day.