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Slooh Classroom

We are working furiously to develop a Slooh curriculum for classroom use for launch in the Fall. As part of Slooh’s global goodwill initiative, we are excited to announce that each participating classroom in the U.S. will be paired with another classroom around the world. This is a unique opportunity for scientific collaboration among same-age students globally and will allow free access to technology for classrooms that might otherwise not have that opportunity. Currently Slooh is working with schools in Nigeria and Cuba to bring this innovative program to classrooms. We are excited to get started!

We are still looking for input from science teachers, email if you are interested in helping us pilot the product. Here are some details of the program. We look forward to working with you!

Slooh in Cuba

Slooh founder Michael Paolucci recently traveled to Havana, Cuba on a goodwill mission to meet with María Elena Muñiz and her colleagues in the Departamento Geofísica Espacial, Instituto de Geofísica y Astronomía in the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Media, to discuss making Slooh available in Cuba. They met at the Planetarium located in Old Havana’s Plaza Vieja on April 27th, 2015.

“I am pleased to announce that Slooh is granting researchers in Cuba access to our global telescope network, which will give them control over telescopes with cameras for the very first time. In Cuba, they have only one optical telescope and it doesn’t have a camera attached to it. We can make a difference in their research program immediately, and they are so very grateful”, says Michael Paolucci.

Cuban researchers will join Slooh’s global membership community and actively participate with other members in the Slooh Clubhouse. “It is a thrill to welcome Cuba’s finest astronomers into our community in fulfillment of our mission to break down borders and share a uniting moment gazing into space together”, continued Mr. Paolucci.

Slooh will also start broadcasting its live celestial event shows in Cuba, to bring the wonders of space to the Cuban public. The Cuban Ministry of Science will organize events at auditoriums so people can watch the broadcasts, as most people do not have access to high speed internet at home.


Slooh in Nigeria

Slooh founder and CEO Michael Paolucci presented at the 24th United Nations/IAF Workshop on Space Technology where he met Joseph Akinyede, Director of the Nigerian National Space Agency. Michael and Joseph are collaborating to bring Slooh to schools in Nigeria. Slooh will provide telescope access to Nigerian school children as well as astronomy researchers. Slooh is developing similar initiatives around the globe.

Says Mr. Akinyede, “CESRA (Centre for Space Research and Application) was established with a mandate to complement the efforts of the Federal Government of Nigeria in the development and use of Space Science and Technology (SST) to enhance the nation’s socio-economic development. As part of its activities, CESRA carries out awareness/outreach programs to educate and sensitize pupils/students at all levels of education, primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions, including universities, and the general public on the invaluable benefits in SST. This program is carried out in collaboration with the Nigerian Space Agency. Access to a powerful telescope will enhance such knowledge and also add value to learning and recreation within the university and neighboring communities. It is against the foregoing that CESRA, which coordinates space activities in the campus and organizes awareness for schools in neighboring states, is seeking collaboration and donation of relevant time on telescopes and website viewing to enhance space observations. I will greatly appreciate any effort towards the realization of this endeavor.”

Michael and Joseph

UN Poster Session

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