Slooh Expeditions

Join Slooh as we travel the world to bring you live astronomy wherever it’s happening.  From Bob Berman and Matt Francis’ coverage of the Aurora Borealis in Alaska, or Paul Cox on safari through Kenya for the Total Solar Eclipse of 2013, Slooh’s Citizen Astronomers can join the expedition and help Slooh broadcast the magical moment to the rest of the world.  Paul is preparing now to journey to Iceland and the Faroe Islands for Slooh’s live broadcast of the March 20th, 2015 Total Solar Eclipse.  If you would like to be notified in advance of future Slooh Expeditions, click here.

Celestial events are location dependent

Eclipses are visible from very small windows, and Alaska is the place to see an aurora borealis.

Weather redundancy is required

They only way to conquer the weather is having multiple sites covering an event.

Observatories are capital intensive

Slooh is built on the paradigm of collaborative consumption.

Road trip with mobile observatories

Have kit, will travel. Sometimes special events are going down in serious remote places where there is no existing observatory. We form conveys with friends like the Gloria Project in affiliation with IAC to go where its necessary to set up our mobile observatory and remote broadcast studio.

Partner with existing observatories

We’ve partnered with over 20 observatories and many more individual observers and astronomy clubs around the world, from Australia to Cypress and South Africa to Canada, who share our mission to bring the night sky to life for people.  

Connect us with another observatory, or join the crew on the next expedition.

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