2004 Petition to Save Hubble

Michael Paolucci, the founder of Slooh and Savethehubble.org, received more than 40,000 signatures from people who agree the Hubble should be spared. As quoted in National Geographic at the time, “I don’t think you can point to any greater success of NASA’s, probably since putting a man on the moon, that has gotten people as excited about astronomy.” said Michael Paolucci, president of Savethehubble.org, a grassroots movement. “Taking it down underestimates its importance. It’s almost as if the Hubble is just being cast aside. They’re not making the most use of the good-will that has been built up around the Hubble,” said Paolucci. “When you have this triumph that has captured the imagination of people, it seems they should look for ways to emphasize that and not dump the Hubble in the sea as if it’s obsolete.”

National Geographic – Hubble Telescope

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