The New York Times Covers Slooh’s Reaction at Totality

Boys at Totality

How is this for incestuous celestial media coverage–indulge me as I cover The New York Times’ coverage of our coverage of the Total Solar Eclipse. The paper of record describes Slooh’s seminal coverage of the March 20th, 2015 Total Solar Eclipse:

“The eclipse was total, meaning the sun was fully blocked by the moon, but only in remote parts of the Northern Hemisphere. A live video feed from Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean just north of the European mainland, hosted by scientists on the website of the Slooh Observatory showed the moon’s shadow slowly inching across a bright sun. When the sun was completely covered, only its aura glowing at the rim of the moon, the scientists were ecstatic.

“The corona is flowering outward, and it’s an incredible, incredible sight to see,” said Eric Edelman, a Slooh producer.

“It’s just so stunning.”Paul Cox, a field astronomer with Slooh, gushed, “And it’s absolutely beautiful.””

Thank you for tuning in NYT!

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