New Canary Islands Observatory

December 13th, 2015

We’ve had a slight delay with the delivery of some key components of the new telescope systems.  The installation has been delayed until the beginning of January – an exciting way to start 2016!

We are particularly looking forward to the new live video solar system telescope – with live views of the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and other planets all night long.

November 10th, 2015

If you’ve been following progress on the new observatory, or watching the Canary Islands DomeCam, you will have seen that the main groundwork and concrete work have been finished.  We still have electrical supplies to be installed but we’re still on course for a pre-Christmas launch of the two new telescope systems!

Here’s a time-lapse created from the DomeCam on the second day of work in the clouds!

September 24th, 2015Slooh Solar System T3 Celestron telescope

We are delighted to announce two new telescope systems that will launch in time to celebrate Slooh’s 12th anniversary on Christmas Day!

The new telescopes are the latest products from our sponsor Celestron, and will be equipped with their superb CCD and high-frame-rate video cameras.  The combination of Celestron’s breakthrough products, Slooh’s patented technology, and our world-class observatory site, will deliver outstanding views of the night sky.  The new Edge-HD Solar System Telescope will provide unrivalled live video views of the Moon and planets; while the new Celestron Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt astrograph telescope will provide amazing wide-field color views of nebulae, galaxies and star clusters using one of Celestron’s latest CCD cameras.

Slooh’s Chief Engineer, Paul Cox said “The deployment of Celestron’s newest telescope systems is a fitting way to mark our 12th anniversary of using Celestron’s products to deliver literally millions of images to Slooh members around the globe.  Slooh Deep Sky T4 Celestron telescopeIt’s testament to the quality of these instruments that they can withstand the harsh environment of our high altitude observatory and operate flawlessly night-after-night despite extreme temperatures, ice and Saharan dust storms, and countless earthquakes at Slooh’s Chile Observatory.”  He said “Used every night by our members, and slewing to a new target every 5-minutes, our Celestron telescopes have now imaged hundreds-of-thousands of celestial objects since we launched in 2003 – we’re confident that our Celestron telescopes are the most highly utilised telescopes on Earth!

Looking to the future, Cox went on to say “We’re excited to take Slooh’s service to a new level with these new instruments.  Our Community Members will now be able to watch live coverage of the planets, Moon, and Deep Sky Objects every night as we ramp towards 24-hour coverage.  The new telescopes will also be used to bring live astronomy to space enthusiasts and the general public through our live public events.

Join us here for a special “first light” inauguration event when the telescopes come online!

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