Our Team

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Michael Paolucci

A wonderful moment presenting Slooh in Nigeria to kick-off our partnership connecting US and Nigerian schools. Click my name to read more.


Paul Cox

I’ve managed most aspects of Slooh’s observatory tech and engineering, and nothing beats setting up our mobile observatory in far away places to capture nature's most magical celestial moments. Click my name to read more.


Ed Kalin

I am a co-founder of a makerspace and an MIT graduate with a deep interest in amateur astronomy. Click my name to read more.

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G.M. O’Connell

G.M. founded Modem Media in 1987, the first online marketing agency, ever. Now he uses his powers for Slooh, thanks to Henry.

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Bob Berman

As a professional astronomer, I've spent my life communicating about the universe --a rewarding job. Click my name to read more.


Tricia Ennis

I am a broadcast and production professional with a passion for space and exploration. Click my name to read more.

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Kerry Dorton

I am an experienced Montessori teacher having spent my career in the classroom teaching both math and science to 4th through 8th grade students. Click my name to read more.


Matt Francis

I am the owner and director of Prescott Observatory, which officially opened in 2011. Click my name to read more.


Mathew Marulla

I wrote most of the code that powers Slooh’s automation. Click my name to read more.

Alan Blake

Alan Blake

Twice winner of The Palm D’Or and the Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions at the Cannes Advertising Film Festival and many other industry awards.


Patrick Paolucci

Among other things, I built Slooh’s media syndication engine, making it possible for our LIVE broadcasts of celestial events to be picked up by media outlets all over the world, and seen by millions worldwide. Click my name to read more.



Help me make Slooh's Golden Record an exciting place to be by pinning content and reacting to what you see.

mark irwin

Mark Irwin

I established a partnership with Slooh for the Discovery Channel in 2005, and have been following the company's evolution ever since. Click my name to read more.


Managing Editor
We are looking for an astronomy journalist/outreach specialist to join our broadcast production team. The primary editorial duties include identifying and producing nightly broadcasts of live celestial phenomena and creating new show formats to showcase Slooh content. This person should have 5+ years of experience in astronomy outreach/communications.

Director of Sales

We are hiring an experienced sales professional to lead company wide outreach to a variety of constituents, including schools, libraries and corporations. The position includes direct selling and sales management, and representing the company at conferences and trade shows. This person should have 5+ years of sales experience in related fields and be based in the NYC tri-state area.


LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Software Engineer
Slooh is looking for a LAMP software engineer with a passion for astronomy to further our product development efforts. The ideal candidate should have several years of experience in commercial software development, with broad experience across the stack, hands-on experience with Javascript, CSS, HTML and WordPress, and excellent communication skills. Some experience with Java and the Confluence team collaboration software by Atlassian and availability to work in Litchfield County, CT would be a plus.


If you attend school in Litchfield County, are very strong in science class, and believe you were born with an iPhone in your hands, we have paid internships for the young and restless.Apply