King Felipe VI Inaugurates Slooh’s Flagship Observatory


Slooh Founder and CEO Michael Paolucci attended the 30th Anniversary celebration of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) which was presided over by King Felipe VI and included the formal inauguration of Slooh’s observatory which has been situated on Mt Teide since 2003. Michael was given the opportunity to present Slooh to the recently crowned King of Spain, who is an amateur astronomer and long time supporter of IAC. Michael Paolucci’s statement to King Felipe VI:

I founded Slooh in honor of my dear friend Blake Wallens who was killed in the attack on the world trade center, as a goodwill gesture to bring people together in looking up at the stars, to ponder our common destiny. I found a willing partner in the Institute in 2002, for which I am eternally grateful, and we launched on Christmas Day 2003.

Our mission is to popularize astronomy and make it a core value of the culture. We promote astronomy as a social experience–one person controls the telescope but everyone gets to watch, and it all unfolds live. Tonight in honor of the anniversary we will feature the transit of an exo-planet LIVE from IAC’s Carlos Sanchez infrared telescope and broadcast it free all over the world.

I was in Cuba a few months ago and have just been in Nigeria establishing a program in which US schools will partner with schools in these countries to control our telescopes and share what they see.

Thank you for your show of support today–it will help Slooh fulfill its mission.


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