Our Core Values

Celebrate Our Common Existence

We are dedicated to creating goodwill among humankind by celebrating our common cause under a shared sky.

Meditate in Space

We are as much about the reflection of light in a telescope as we are the reflection on a person’s face when they are looking through it.

Build Context

We are always asking, how do we put these tiny white dots into context for members?, so that one day their mind’s eye will be forever lit.

Nurture Tolerance

We believe in the multitude of perspectives regarding what is out there, including those fueled by spirituality and imagination.

Keep It Real

We believe in the authenticity of a 'LIVE' experience, over simulations and animations, in order to capture the ephemeral ebb & flow of nature.

Cultural Crossover

We are inspired by space, and want to make that inspiration a core value of society and connect it to activities people love.