Slooh will be celebrating the end of the season of Jupiter mutual events with a live Jupiter Moon Show. This event will happen on June 16th, as Slooh astronomers watch Jupiter’s moon Io actually eclipse Europa live from the Canary Islands!

From late 2014 until August 2015, the alignment of Jupiter with the rest of the solar system allows us to observe ‘mutual events’ of Jupiter’s moons. During these events, Earthbound observers with a telescope can see Jupiter’s moons pass in front of each other (an occultation) or pass into another moon’s shadow and seem to disappear for a few minutes (an eclipse). These events occur for just a few months every six years when Jupiter is at equinox, that is, when it’s at the point in its orbit when the planet experiences days and nights of equal lengths.

On June 16, 2015, Slooh will hold a live member show to watch mutual events of Jupiter’s moons. At 22:04 UT, approximately, Europa will pass into the shadow of Io and appear to go dark for nearly six minutes. Please join us to enjoy these rare and dramatic mutual events of Jupiter’s moons.