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On the the evening of December 22nd from North America, Slooh will capture the Ursid Meteor Shower live at several locations using special visual and audio tracking equipment.

During Slooh’s broadcast, viewers can hunt for “shooting stars” and listen to their ionization sounds in real-time – giving an incredible dual experience. The free live broadcast will also be accompanied by a multitude of video segments on meteors from various astronomy experts and personalities, including Slooh Astronomer, Bob Berman, Slooh Host, Will Gater, Canary Islands Correspondent, Ioana Sotuela and Slooh Producer, Eric Edelman.

Coverage will begin on Monday, December 22nd, starting at 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST / 01:00 UTC (12/23) – International Times: live from Slooh’s flagship observatory at the Institute of Astrophysics, Canary Islands (IAC) and later from Prescott, Arizona at Prescott Observatory where advanced low light imaging equipment, specifically configured to track meteors, will be used. Viewers can ask questions during the show by using hashtag #sloohursids.

For those wanting to view the meteors outdoors, Slooh recommends getting away from city lights, pulling up a lawn chair with warm blankets, and looking up towards the northern sky while listening to the Slooh broadcast.

Says Bob Berman, “The Ursids may be the strangest meteor shower of all. It’s the only one where the shooting stars seem to radiate from very near Polaris, the North Star. The only one in which the best direction to watch is due north. And it also boasts the slowest-moving meteors, which cross the sky at only half the speed of the more famous summer Perseids. These oddities make up for their skimpy numbers. It honestly take a bit of patience to observe them, as they only appear once every six to twelve minutes.”