The Quadrantid meteor shower peaks in the early morning of January 4, 2017. During this brief but occasionally intense meteor shower Slooh will present a live broadcast in conjunction with multiple partner sites. During this live show, we present wide-angle views of the night sky as we watch for Quadrantid meteors. Slooh astronomers will also discuss:

  • How the Quadrantid meteor shower got its unusual name
  • How many meteors are visible per hour near the peak of the shower
  • How the Quadrantids compare with the other big meteor showers of 2017
  • Why this meteor shower is so brief compared to other such events
  • What we know (and do not know) about what causes the Quadrantids

Mark your calendars to join Slooh to see the Quadrantids, the first major meteor shower of 2017.

Image: William Prost