full worm moon

Spring has sprung, and the full moon is rising high in the sky during the month of March. Slooh will have live views of the Full Worm Moon, along with expert commentary on the Moon itself, and this particular moon’s unique name.

As we’ve learned from previous shows, these monthly Full Moons derive their names from Native American tribes, in this case, the Algonquins of New England and the Great Lakes. These names usually corresponded to the weather at that particular time of year, or to activities the native people would perform during that period. The same is true about the Full Worm Moon, which gets its name from, you guessed it, Earthworms.

You might have heard that the herald of the new Spring season is the Robin, a brightly colored bird that has become synonymous with the warmer temperatures that arrive after the Vernal Equinox. In the Northeast US, these red-breasted birds are usually first season in March, when the ground begins to thaw and the worms begin to burrow up through the Earth and into the mouths of their expectant predators.

Join us on March 22nd to welcome this brand new Full Moon, and a brand new season. And be sure to send any questions for our host to us on Twitter or in the chatroom next to the show.