full sturgeon moon

The Full Sturgeon Moon returns to the night sky, and to Slooh’s telescopes, on August 17th. Join Slooh and The Old Farmer’s Almanac to explore this latest monthly visitor.

Each month, the Full Moon is given a different name, depending on the season, and usually assigned by settlers or native peoples of the area. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the name “Full Sturgeon Moon” was given to this month’s moon by Native American tribes of the Great Lakes region. In this area of the country, these people were hunters and fishermen, and they knew that Sturgeon fish were most easily caught at this time of year. Other native people called the August moon the “Full Green Corn Moon” or the “Blueberry Moon”.

During our live broadcast, we’ll gaze on live views of the Full Moon through our telescopes in the Canary Islands and Chile, while our astronomers discuss some of the more interesting features on the face of our closest neighbor. Meanwhile, our partners at The Old Farmer’s Almanac will fill us in on some of the fascinating folklore and history surrounding the August Full Moon.