sbow moon

The Full Moon is on the rise once again this month, and this time it’s living up to its namesake, bringing with it some frigid temperatures and a blanket of white snow, at least here in the Northeast USA. Join us on February 22nd, as we watch live views of the Full Snow Moon, and discuss how it got its chilly name.

Unlike January’s ‘Full Wolf Moon’, the ‘Full Snow Moon’ doesn’t have a long history of mythology, legend, and lore associated with its name, but much like its predecessor, February’s moon was so named thanks to the experiences of the Native Americans, settlers, or other cultures of the area. In most areas of the United States the month of February sees the largest amount of snowfall, and frigid temperatures. Native peoples in these areas would have associated this time of year with the frozen ground, dangerously cold weather, and other factors which made finding food difficult, and life dangerous.

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