Following last month’s Pink Moon, our lunar neighbor is changing its colors once again, this time bringing us the always exciting “Blue Moon” on May 21st, and Slooh will be watching live.

The phrase “Once in a Blue Moon” might lead you to believe these events are far more uncommon than they actually are, but in reality, Blue Moons can appear anywhere from once every three years to several times in a single year, depending on which definition of the term you’re using. This one is a “Seasonal Blue Moon” which refers to the third Full Moon in a season, which is not the same as the Blue Moon defined as the second Full Moon in a calendar month.

May’s Full Moon is also referred to as the Full Flower Moon, so named by Native American tribes to describe the Moon that appears at the time of year when the spring flowers are in full bloom.

Despite its name, however, the Moon won’t actually appear blue, though certain atmospheric conditions may give it a colorful tinge at different points throughout the year.

Image via BLPH at DeviantArt