The total solar eclipse is happening this March 20th, but Slooh’s journey to totality has already started.


Slooh Community Manager Paul Cox is making the journey to one of the few landmasses on Earth that will be able to see absolutely everything that this eclipse has to offer: the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic. He will stand and marvel with expedition team members (-participation of rooftop goats pending -), while the Moon slides smoothly into place directly in front of the Sun.

But that is giving away the punchline.

This journey to the Faroe Islands ends with an eclipse, of course, but there are seven days leading up to it that will serve as a pure, visceral celebration of the sky gazer’s journey in pursuit of some celestial magic. Paul will be sending back daily updates of the expedition’s progress during the week leading up to March 20th. Slooh members can follow along with his progress, slide a centimeter or two into his shoes, and ride along throughout the journey.

All of this will culminate in a spectacular live public show of the solar eclipse as it happens, with experts giving you the play by play, including live commentary from Paul in the field.

Join us LIVE from Iceland as the adventure begins, as we answer the age old question: How does the amateur astronomer find clear, dark skies?