What’s a more fitting way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with the green St. Patricks Day Aurora? Join us here at Slooh as we live stream the beautiful green “Northern Lights” in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

During the show, we will capture the beauty and fire of one of natures most spectacular phenomena. We will have feed partners in the deep northern corners of the north in such places as Alaska, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

The Aurora Borealis is caused by solar winds hitting the Earth’s atmosphere. They are usually only visible in the highest latitudes — the magnetic poles — of the planet. Sometimes the solar winds are powerful enough to extend the Aurora down over North America, but since those storms are difficult to predict, we’ll be focusing our efforts on our feed partners positioned directly under those northern latitudes.

What changes the color of the Aurora and makes them a bright “St. Patrick’s Day green” is the atmosphere and the type of atom emitting light. Oxygen produces the green and yellow lights, while nitrogen emits red, blue and purple colors.