A massive, potentially hazardous asteroid, 2015 TB145, which we nicknamed “Spooky”, is zooming ever closer to the Earth, ready to make its close approach on Halloween. This asteroid is not only massive, with a diameter nearly twice that of Trump World Tower in New York, but extremely fast, zooming through space at 78,000 MPH — 29 times faster than a high velocity rifle bullet.

Despite its size, speed, and the fact that it will fly past the Earth at nearly the same distance as the Moon, “Spooky” was only discovered on October 10th, a mere 3 weeks before its closest approach.

Slooh will be there on Halloween, at the moment of closest approach, tracking the asteroid as it comes so close to cataclysm. But that’s not enough for a story this big, which is why we’re devoting a whole week to programming devoted to this asteroid and our work tracking Near Earth Objects. We’ll break down the difference between government programs and private industry attempt to protect the planet, and take an early look at ‘Spooky’.

2015 TB145 is possibly 32 times the size of the asteroid that injured a thousand people in Chelyabinsk, Siberia in 2013. If it were impact us, the energy released would be measured not in kilotons like the atomic bombs that ended World War Two, but in H-Bomb type megatons. It will be interesting indeed to watch Slooh track and image this substantial intruder as it passes just 300,000 miles from us.

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