The solstice is a moment when the changing seasons and celestial rhythms of the planet are in unison as the northern latitudes acknowledge the longest day of the year while the southern latitudes mark the calendar’s march forward from the shortest. Slooh will celebrate this global phenomenon by featuring live views of the Sun from both hemispheres as a means of fostering our deep and primal connection to Earth and sky.

In explaining the importance of the Global Solstice, Slooh founder and CEO Michael Paolucci said, “Twice a year, it grows brightest in one half of the planet and darkest in another. Slooh’s mission is to bring a global community together to celebrate this moment as humans have done since antiquity, to face down the darkness and move into light.”

The promise of the June solstice, when summer begins in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere, is reflected in the celebrations of cultures around the world. Thousands still gather at England’s ancient Stonehenge to welcome the first sunrise of summer. Ancient Celts and Slavs celebrated solstice with bonfires to add to the power and warmth of the Sun. Christians placed the feast of St. John the Baptist near summer solstice. And the Chinese hold the Duanwu, or Dragon Boat Festival, each year in June when the Sun is near solstice. The word solstice is loosely based on the Latin words for “sun standing still”, and at June solstice the Sun appears to stand still at its most northerly point in the sky before it slowly begins to move southward again.

This year, Slooh’s celebration of the June 21 solstice will include live views through remote telescopes in California for the Northern Hemisphere and Chile for the Southern Hemisphere along with a discussion with Slooh astronomers of the cultural, and spiritual meaning of solstice. We also include highlights from the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Vermont where Slooh astronomer Bob Berman and guest host Ali Grimes will be on-site to celebrate the solstice in person with attendees from all over the world. Mark your calendars on June 21, 2015 to join us for this live show to celebrate the Global Solstice.