Discovered on January 28th, 2014, Near­Earth Object, “2014 BR57”, an asteroid with an estimated size of a 30 story building (98m) and racing by Earth at only 4.4 Lunar Distances, will make its close approach to Earth on the night of February 19/20th.

Slooh will cover asteroid 2014 BR57, as it makes its closest­approach on Wednesday, February 19th starting at 6PM PST / 9PM EST / 02:00UTC (2/20) live from the Canary Islands ­ International times: Viewers can watch free on or by downloading the Slooh iPad app. The live image stream will be accompanied by discussions led by Slooh host and astronomer, Bob Berman and Slooh technical director, Paul Cox. Viewers can ask questions during the show by using hashtag #asteroid.

Among the many topics to be discussed, Slooh will revisit the 2000 EM26 event, where the missing asteroid, now nicknamed Moby Dick, failed to reappear as expected on Monday night. Click here for more information.