Slooh, the public access online observatory, was chosen from among 400 organizations submitting ideas to NASA, to present its plan for engaging the public to help the space agency detect and monitor for NEA. Slooh will demonstrate to NASA how since 2003 Slooh members have performed astronomy research and contributed to scientific discovery, and how Slooh’s technology platform and ‘citizen scientists’ could be applied to NASA’s search for NEAs. Slooh host Paul Cox will present on the Crowd Sourcing and Citizen Science panel, which starts at 11:30 am PST / 1:30 pm CST / 2:30 pm EST on Thursday, November 21st. Viewers can watch the panel live on NASA’s uStream channel.

“As internet entrepreneurs, we come at this from a different perspective, having innovated capabilities in building Slooh such as collaborative consumption and crowdsourcing long before they were so named,” says Michael Paolucci, founder and CEO of Slooh, and a serial Internet pioneer. “For 10 years we have been giving amateur astronomers a way to share the cost of high end observatories, and fostered a collaborative community between them to contribute to scientific discovery. We are excited at the prospect of applying what we have learned to help NASA fulfil their Grand Challenge.”

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