Just as the long­awaited year of Solar Maximum seemed to wind down with much lower than normal activity, the Sun has suddenly erupted in ultra­violent storms, with the potential for more to come.

As part of International SUNday, where amateurs all over the world will be imaging the Sun, Slooh will cover the Sun live on Sunday, June 22nd starting at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 17:00 UTC ­ International Times: ­ free to the public on Slooh will broadcast the event with stunning real­time views from Slooh partner, Prescott Observatory, in Prescott, Arizona.

Slooh host Geoff Fox will be joined by Slooh astronomer Bob Berman, Prescott Observatory Director Matt Francis, and Slooh technical director Paul Cox for the one­hour real­time broadcast, which will discuss the Sun’s influence on health, vitamin D, skin cancer myths, auroral displays, and of course the current bursts of solar activity and how they can affect our world. Viewers can follow updates on the show by using the hashtag #Sloohsun.

“Since June 10, three X­class solar flares ­­ the strongest variety ­­ have broken out on the Sun’s surface to produce the highest burst of solar violence of this entire year,” says Berman. “And a new region seems poised to erupt as well. By Sunday’s show, we should be able to see dramatic prominences ten times the size of Earth leaping from the solar limb. Making this event even more compelling is that Slooh is bringing live close­up views of the Sun during the first full day of summer. This is the weekend when the Sun is highest in the sky, and strongest in intensity, of the entire year.”

The current sunspot cycle, number 24, has been very unusual, with most solar experts predicting a continuation of anomalous solar behavior. The Slooh panel will explore the likely consequences of this on global climate.