Slooh will broadcast a free, real­time feed of the most famous full Moon of the year, the Harvest Moon. Viewers can capture a first look of the Harvest Moon on Slooh.com Wednesday, September 18th starting at 7 PM PDT / 10 PM EDT / 02:00 UTC (9/19) ­ viewers can watch live on their computer or mobile device.

Slooh will be broadcasting in 720p high­definition, live from their partner facility in Prescott, Arizona while the Moon is rising. Observatory owner Matt Francis will be using special imaging techniques to provide fantastic zoomed in views of the lunar surface. A Slooh broadcast team comprised of Paul Cox, Bob Berman, and Matt Francis will provide commentary as the event unfolds.

“The Harvest Moon is the most famous full moon of the year, by far. Yet it’s bathed in widespread myth and misconception. During our live show, we intend to combine science, lore, and mythology to provide an accurate picture of this annual lunar event.,” says Slooh broadcast team member Bob Berman.

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