In the week leading up to the now infamous “Mayan Calendar” page-flip, which has generated over 100 books, countless articles, movies, and many TV documentaries on the History and Science channels, Slooh will offer free coverage on starting Thursday, December 20th at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST / 18:00 UTC (International times here: and running through Friday, December 21st with unprecedented live views of the solar system. Using its Canary Island telescopes, and Arizona’s Prescott Observatories Solar telescope, coupled with its patented imaging technology and a team of astronomers, Slooh will produce a series of live celestial broadcasts, showing the public what is actually happening in our celestial neighborhood, live, while monitoring solar activity, Earth’s magnetic field, and other parameters that have taken center stage in the various popular “explanations” of what will befall our planet on the Winter Solstice, which occurs Friday morning, December 21.

Says Astronomy Magazine columnist Bob Berman, “Rather than merely offer scientists’ dismissals of the many silly doomsday scenarios that have now been heard by almost everyone in the world, and which have reportedly produced panic in Russia, Slooh will take a “let’s see for ourselves” attitude. By acting independently of any government agency, which assumedly would be disbelieved by the millions who are convinced a giant cover-up is in place, Slooh will observe the planets and the ecliptic plane for anything out of the ordinary. It will monitor the Sun and offer live feeds of flares, storms, and all solar activity to see if anything unusual is happening.
It will even have instruments monitoring Earth’s magnetic field. Visitors can draw their own conclusions as to whether anything out of the ordinary is going on.”

Each show will focus on a distinct area of “concern” as expressed in the TV documentaries and apocalyptic literature, such as an undiscovered planet headed our way, solar disruptions, unusual planetary conjunctions, and so on. Shows will go live at various times throughout the day and night all counting down on the homepage. The Slooh presentations will reach its climax on Thursday night, the night of winter solstice, which is when the Mayan “long count” calendar turns a page from the 13th to the 14th baktun. Mesoamerican scholars insist the Maya never suggested such a calendar change would be apocalyptic, but Slooh will be on hand to scientifically either greet the uneventful arrival of Friday, or to bring live views of the end of the world.

Slooh’s coverage will include a global panel including Slooh President, Patrick Paolucci, Astronomer Bob Berman, Slooh outreach coordinator, Paul Cox, Prescott Observatory Director, Matt Francis, and Solar researcher Lucie Green, who all fully expect to be around on Friday but are happy to let visitors join them in observing the cosmos live, and to draw their own conclusions.