The Sun has been odd but fascinating during this “Solar Max” year, with a recent sudden upsurge in numerous violent M-class and X-class flares along with a coronal mass ejection. To observe and understand this past week’s high energy solar activity, SLOOH, the online observatory, will broadcast a real-time solar feed from a world class solar facility located in Prescott, Arizona, on October 31 at 11 AM PDT / 2 PM EDT / 18 UTC. Viewers can watch live on their PC/MAC.

Using special solar equipment, Prescott Observatory Director Matt Francis will be joined by frequent BBC contributor and solar researcher at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, Dr. Lucie Green, who will explain the various phenomena unfolding in real-time, and what they mean, during the 30-minute live program on Dr. Green is currently one of the host on Britain’s popular Sky at Night program. Viewers can ask questions during the broadcast using the Twitter hashtag #solaractivity.

“The Sun is of course central to our lives, and that of our planet,” says Francis. “But the current violent flares, superimposed on what has been an odd, anomalous decade of solar behavior, makes monitoring the Sun more than merely fascinating — it’s more vital than any other theater of astrophysics.”

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