On the morning of August 4th for North America, Slooh will broadcast an amazing event live from multiple telescope installations in Australia: the Moon photobombing Saturn. Watch as the Moon hogs the spotlight and crosses in front of Saturn and its moons, blocking them from our field of view. Coverage will begin on Monday, August 4th starting at 4AM PDT / 7AM EDT / 11:00 UTC ­ International Times: Viewers can watch free on using their favorite device. The live image stream will be hosted by Geoff Fox, accompanied by expert commentary from Slooh Astronomer, Bob Berman and Slooh engineer, Paul Cox. Viewers can ask questions during the show by using hashtag #SloohMoonBomb

From North America, the view starts out with a bang Sunday evening, August 3, during the first few hours after nightfall, when the Moon hovers dramatically between Mars and Saturn. This 3­way line­up will be obvious to anyone who looks up, even from light­polluted cities, and no telescope is required.

After the Moon and two planets set in North America, the Moon keeps moving eastward against the background stars until it covers up Saturn as seen from parts of Earth’s Eastern Hemisphere.

“Such an eclipse is called an occultation,” says Slooh astronomer Bob Berman, “and it’s quite dramatic when it involves a bright photogenic object like Saturn, whose rings are now nearly optimally tilted. Slooh’s live feeds from Australia will capture the actual eclipse of Saturn by the Moon, with striking detail visible on the foreground Moon and the background planet ­ a true photobomb moment. This is one of those don’t­miss events.”

Individuals living in select parts of the Eastern Hemisphere, such as Australia, will be able to look up with the naked eye and see the planet Saturn eclipsed by the Moon. Without a telescope, Saturn will look like a bright star.