On the night of May 5th, Slooh will broadcast live the Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower from North America. Coverage will begin on Monday, May 5th starting at 6 PM PDT / 9 PM EDT / 1:00 UTC (5/6) ­ International Times. Viewers can watch free on The live image stream will be accompanied by expert audio from Slooh Astronomer Bob Berman.

Says Slooh astronomer Bob Berman, “What makes this shower somewhat special is
that the meteors stem from the most famous comet in all of history, Comet Halley. As Halley goes around the Sun in its 76­year orbit, pieces of it, little chunks of ice, slough off the comet and we intersect that every year around this time, in early May. And we happen to hit this material just about head on producing one of the fastest displays of meteors of the year.”

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  • The Slooh Clubhouse
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    • Bob Berman
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