Slooh, the Community Observatory, will open its observatories for a special four hour full Moon HD program Tuesday night, 12/17, live from the Canary Islands starting at 1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST / 21:00 UTC. The broadcast will be hosted by Slooh Astronomer Bob Berman with noted British astrophysicist and film maker, Dr. Duncan Copp along with Slooh’s Paul Cox, who will be onsite at the Canary observatory. Viewers can watch live on Slooh.com and ask questions to the host using the hashtag #ChangE3.

As Slooh telescopes show the Full Moon live, Berman, Cox and Dr. Copp, who produced the award-winning documentary “In the Shadow of the Moon”, will narrate the event, and explain why this is such an historic occasion — as well as pinpointing the exact location of the Chinese Chang’e-3 lander and Yutu rover.

“The combination of the highest and brightest Full Moon of 2013, and the recently-landed first-ever Chinese lunar rover, makes this a compelling real-time exploration Tuesday night,” says Berman, one of the hosts of the show.

“There are so many connections and links, it’s almost bizarre,” says Berman. “First, the landing occurred on the exact anniversary of the final US Apollo steps on the Moon’s surface. Next, they chose the Mare Imbrium as the landing site — the uppermost ‘dark blotch’ or sea on the Moon’s face, which was the location earlier this year, on March 17, of the brightest flash ever witnessed on the Moon’s surface, caused by the impact of a colliding meteor.”

The Yutu Rover will begin its explorations from a cut-out or “bay” in the Sea of Showers, called Sinus Imbrum or Bay of Rainbows. The rover’s name itself is the “Jade Rabbit”, the pet beloved by the Chinese moon goddess Chang’e.