Dad and three sons on a clear night looking thru a telescope

Slooh adds another installment to the popular series Deep Space Mysteries with noted astronomy journalist Bob Berman on Thursday, October 17th at 5 PM PDT / 8 PM EDT / 00 UTC (10/18). The show will focus on the “empty space” between celestial bodies such as galaxies. Slooh’s Production team will be broadcasting live images of nearby galaxies M31 (Andromeda) and M110 along with expert commentary from Berman.

The search for Dark Matter continues. We have known since 1933 that 5/6th of the universe is “missing” — meaning there’s less material in (and within) galaxies than can explain the motion of individual stars in galaxies as well as the motion of galaxies within their groups. What is this stuff? Is it composed of some as-yet unknown material that lurks invisibly while exerting a strong gravitational pull? Or, instead, is it gravity itself that is behaving oddly?

Slooh looks at this profound mystery through its telescopes at the Slooh Observatory in the Canary Islands while focusing on the very galaxies that gave rise to this mystery over 70 years ago. These live, real-color views will unfold accompanied by expert commentary from Berman, who will explore this mystery and its possible solutions — ahead of a major article about it that will appear soon in Astronomy Magazine.

Deep Space Mysteries is an original Slooh series hosted by Berman which focuses on the little known world outside our Milky Way Galaxy. The show airs every Thursday at 8 PM EDT (5 PM PDT / 00 UTC) and features live images from Slooh’s Canary Island Observatory.

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