Slooh is heading to the island paradise of Hawaii this winter for a celebration of spirituality and our connection with the universe.

We’ll be participating in Wanderlust’s O’ahu Retreat, a four day excursion to help participants find inner peace through yoga, meditation, music, and beautiful vistas. That same spirituality that causes some people to seek out meditation also motivates many to look out into the wide expanse of outer space.

During the retreat, and our live broadcast, Slooh yogastronomer Alison Grimes will join forces with University of Hawaii astronomer, Robert Jedicke, to connect our viewers to themselves and to the universe. During her years teaching yoga classes, Ali has created programs to celebrate the solstices, equinoxes, full moons, solar and lunar eclipses and more.


We have been thrilled to partner with Wanderlust as we have sought to build a connection for people between astronomy and yoga. We share many values in common, namely the desire to help people take a step back from their daily grind to ponder their lives and our place in the cosmos. By creating a community looking up at the stars together, we attempt to foster goodwill among mankind, celebrating our common cause under a shared sky. We want to convey this to yogis, and people doing yoga in synchronicity with others, to consider the context of space and time in their practice.

Join us on February 26th, as we spend time in the Hawaiian islands getting in touch with a more peaceful side of ourselves, and connecting with the world and the universe around us.