Slooh will be going live with views of a wildly active Sun. On Tuesday, May 5, the year’s most powerful solar storm erupted. This sudden increase in solar violence, which includes the new X-class storm, the most powerful category, will produce effects ranging from stunning auroras to radio blackouts. A radio blackout already occurred yesterday evening at 1800 EDT!

Watch live views of this active Sun coming to the Slooh screen from a solar feed partner in Thunder Bay, CAN. The broadcast will be manned by Slooh Host, Eric Edelman, and Slooh Astronomers Will Gater and Bob Berman. Ask the team questions to answer live via the hashtag #SunnySideUp

Says Slooh astronomer Bob Berman, “Just when we thought that the maximum peak of solar cycle number 24 was behind us, the Sun is coming up with violent surprises. It will be fun to watch, and share with Slooh’s members and the public, using special narrow band pass filters.