A very special phenomenon is on the rise at the beginning of December, one that has its roots in human culture dating back millennia. On December 2nd, the Crescent Moon and the bright planet Venus will appear in the same field of view, and we’ll be livestreaming the brilliant view right here on Slooh.

More than three thousand years ago, the Moon and Venus began appearing together in ancient artwork, depicting the Babylonian Goddesses Nin (Moon) and Ishtar (Venus). That iconography has evolved over the centuries, becoming the now well-recognized symbol of the Star (Venus) and Crescent (Moon) and brings with it the fascinating history of the Middle East, including the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire.

In addition to exploring this ancient symbol, we’ll be taking a look at one of the oldest religious disciplines in the Middle East, discussing the importance of the New and Crescent Moons to people of the Muslim faith. We’ll explore the tradition of Moonsighting, and learn whether Islam celebrates any special holidays during the month of December.