Discovered on the night of August 31st by the Catalina Sky Survey, super Near­Earth Asteroid 2014 RC, a.k.a. “Pitbull”, made an unexpected close approach to Earth over the weekend. Slooh tracked Pitbull live on Saturday night, 9/6, with a special feed from its flagship observatory at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa. See highlight embed below.

Coincidentally, over the weekend, a mysterious explosion shook Nicaragua, creating an estimated 39ft­wide and 16 feet deep crater. Nicaragua’s Government is reporting that the explosion in the capital city of Managua was caused by a small meteorite.

Slooh will investigate with a special segment during the Super Harvest Moon broadcast hosted by Geoff Fox and Slooh astronomer Bob Berman with special guests and possible eye witness accounts. Viewers can watch live on on their PC or mobile device and ask questions during the show by using hashtag #Sloohsupermoon.

Says Bob Berman, “Preliminary information on the incoming trajectory and timing of this Central American impact indicates that it was not a fragment from the asteroid that passed so closely on Sunday, nor a cousin or friend that was accompanying it in space. Rather, it was a mere coincidence like the two asteroids of February 15, 2013, one of which injured 1,500 people, the other of which barely missed us. But it’s dramatic and well worth exploring this second “double­whammy and near­whammy” happening on successive years. It’s bizarre indeed, and that’s what SLOOH will investigate as an add­on to our live Harvest SuperMoon show Monday night.”