Slooh is teaming up with our friends at Astronomy Magazine to get you up close and personal with the planet Mars, as it reaches opposition on May 22nd.

Planets reach opposition when they form a direct line with the Earth and the Sun. Because the orbit of the Earth and each of the other planets in our Solar System differ from each other, oppositions happen at different rates. In the case of the Red Planet, a Mars Opposition happens about once every 26 months.

During our live broadcast of Mars at Opposition, Slooh Astronomy, and Astronomy Magazine contributor, Bob Berman, will join our host, Paul Cox, to talk about our planetary neighbor. They’ll discuss the unique characteristics of the planet, and consider the reasons why Mars has become such a fascination to us Earthlings, despite the fact that it isn’t the closest planet to our own.

We’ll also take a look at the many ways Mars has been viewed by ancient cultures, from the Greeks and Romans, to the Hindus, Jews, and different cultures of Asia.

It’s all in anticipation of our Red Planet Rocks! event the following week, when we explore Mars as the planet reaches its closest and brightest point in more than a decade.


Image Courtesy: Worker Studio Animation in Denver, Colorado