Slooh will be covering Supernova 2014J live on Thursday, January 30th at 1 PM PST/ 4 PM EST/ 21:00 UTC while hosting Professor Dr. Steve Fossey and the class from University College London who discovered it last week. Slooh Technical Director Paul Cox will be hosting the broadcast from the Canary Islands with live images of the brightening supernova.

Cox will interview Dr. Fossey and the undergraduate students (Ben Cooke, Guy Pollack, Matthew Wilde, and Thomas Wright) about their experiences during astronomy class at the University of London observatory when they discovered the supernova. Dr. Fossey and the students will also explain what life has been like since the discovery, and explore the supernova live again through Slooh’s telescopes with Cox.

Approximately 11 million light years away from the Earth, Supernova 2014J is the closest Type 1a supernova in over 40 years. As of Monday night, the supernova had brightened to Magnitude 10.7 and is expected to continue to brighten slightly until February 2nd when it is forecasted to reach its max magnitude of 10.5. SN 2014J is the closest supernova of any type since 2004 which saw SN 2004dj, a Type 2-P. It can be seen in the constellation of Ursa Major and is located in Messier 82. The last Type 1a supernova, SN9172e, was discovered on May 13th, 1972 in galaxy NGC 5253 and was observed for nearly 700 days.

The Slooh Community frequently refers to M82 as the “Exploding Galaxy”, although it’s more commonly referred to as the “Cigar Galaxy”.

Says Cox, “We are looking forward to this broadcast. It’s always a pleasure to interview those responsible for a new discovery – getting their unique perspective – while watching live images on Slooh. “

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