Equinox marks the time, twice each year, when days and nights have equal length and the world moves through a time of harvest or renewal. On September 23, 2015 join Slooh for a live show to celebrate the September equinox as the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving south, marking the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern hemisphere.

A celestial equinox is a point of balance in the cycles of the seasons. Many world cultures regarded the equinox as a pivot point, a time when the world moves from light to darkness and back again. To some, an equinox signified the struggle between the forces of darkness and decay and light and rebirth, and many spiritual leaders, both real and legendary, faced their greatest confrontation with darkness to attain the light at a time near the equinox.

During our live broadcast on the September equinox, we’ll feature live views of the Sun from our partner telescopes all over the world and we’ll reflect upon the physical and cultural meaning of equinox to world cultures throughout history. Join Slooh team member and yogi stargazer Ali G, who shares with us about the energy of balance and the Equinox from the North Shore of Maui. Ali keeps it real and teaches to the heart.