Jupiter, the largest of the major planets in our solar system, makes its closest approach to Earth on April 7, 2017, as it reaches opposition and rises in the eastern sky as the Sun sets. Join Slooh for a live online astronomy show with views of Jupiter through our remote telescopes and lively discussion of the science and mythology of this immense gas giant planet. During this show, Slooh astronomers will be on hand to explain:

  • The meaning of a planetary “opposition” and why it matters for stargazers
  • What we can see on the face of Jupiter at opposition
  • The motion and nature of the largest moons of Jupiter, moons that were discovered by Galileo in the year 1610
  • The Great Red Spot and how it has waxed and waned over the decades
  • How Jupiter helps protect the inner solar system from incoming comets
  • Why some astronomers refer to Jupiter as a ‘failed star’

Join Slooh astronomers on April 7, 2017, for this live celebration of Jupiter’s closest approach to Earth for 2016.

Jupiter at Opposition - 2016
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