A rare combination of events is on its way in late June, as the Full Moon appears on the same night as the June Solstice. A Full Moon hasn’t occurred on the same day as the Solstice since 1948, and this time, Slooh is here to broadcast it live.

During the show, Slooh Astronomers, Paul Cox and Bob Berman, will be on hand to discuss the rarity of such an event, and what exactly it means when they both occur at once. We will also be joined by our friends at The Old Farmer’s Almanac who will present the fascinating folklore surrounding the June Full Moon and the Solstice.

Plus, as we look on live views of the Full Moon through our Canary Islands telescopes, we’ll be joined by astrophotographer Robert Reeves, who will give us a glimpse of his own stunning lunar photos, and help viewers understand how he captures the amazing views.

Image: Summer Moon at Miyajima by Tsuchiya Koitsu