Have you ever wanted to build your own robotic observatory, just like Slooh’s Canary Islands location? Well, wonder no longer, as Slooh Host, Paul Cox lays it all out in a three part live video series.

Starting with Part 1, we’ll teach you all about the kinds of equipment you’ll need to get started, and take you on a tour of our own observatory site to show you how we set up our very own system.

Over the course of this three part series, we’ll explain why we chose the Canary Islands as our observatory site, what kind of environmental challenges we face, and explain each of our different telescopes, and what they allow us, and our members, to image each night.

So if you’ve ever wanted to set up your very own observatory, this three part series will be a perfect place to start. Who knows … you might even be our next global observatory partner.

Watch ‘Part 1’ on Wednesday, January 20th at 1 PM EST.

Watch ‘Part 2’ on Tuesday, January 26th at 1 PM EST.