On November 13th, 2015 (Friday the 13th), a piece of space debris slammed into the atmosphere above the ocean off the coast of Sri Lanka, putting on a spectacular show for the few scientists able to observe the phenomenon.

While an event like this might have seemed fitting for what is normally considered an unlucky day, it was actually good news for the T3 Consortium crew aboard a Gulfstream jet that morning, as they took important observations and measurements of the object as it exploded in the air. They were working to understand the effect the atmosphere has on these objects, in an attempt to help increase the accuracy of future predictions.

Slooh was able to broadcast the very first images of WT1190F – appropriately nicknamed ‘WTF’ – in the moments after the crew landed in Abu Dhabi.

Watch the highlights of the broadcast, featuring expert commentary from Dr. Mark Boslough of the Sandia National Laboratories HERE.