The solstice is a moment when the changing seasons and celestial rhythms of the planet are in unison as the northern latitudes acknowledge the shortest day of the year while the southern latitudes mark the calendar’s march forward from the longest. Slooh will celebrate this global phenomenon by featuring live views of the Sun from both hemispheres as a means of fostering our deep and primal connection to Earth and sky.

Join Slooh as we celebrate the moment of the December solstice. Our livestream will feature live views of the Sun from our partner telescopes around the world. During our live broadcast, we will seek out the rising Sun as it reaches its most southerly point in the sky marking the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere.

Many ancient northern cultures have celebrated the dark days of December solstice because it marked the turn of the natural cycles of the sky when the days started getting longer. The northern winter solstice was celebrated by pagan cultures as a day of hope and purity. We will be joined by our Human Spirit Correspondent Helen Avery to explore these ancient traditions.

Image courtesy W. Wilkerson.