Join Slooh on December 21, 2015 for a special online celebration of the December solstice as we feature live views of the Sun from our partner telescopes all over the world. During this online show, we celebrate together as the Sun reaches its most southerly point in the sky marking the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere.

Many ancient northern cultures celebrate the beginning of summer at the June solstice each year. But they also celebrated the dark days of the December solstice because it marked the turn of the natural cycles of the sky when the days started getting longer. The northern winter solstice was celebrated by pagan cultures as a day of hope and purity. The time was eventually adopted by Christianity to mark the birth of its central figure.

The December solstice also marks a special time for Slooh. Slooh founder Michael Paolucci and astronomer Matt Francis tackled technical challenges amidst the December holiday season to launch the feed from our first robotic telescope in the days near the winter solstice of 2003. The timing is symbolic also because Slooh was always designed to be a spiritual celebration in the sense that celestial events such as the winter solstice had been celebrated for centuries by cultures from all over the world to mark the ebb and flow of human affairs and the connection of all people to the sky.

Join us for this members-only show to celebrate the December solstice and mark the day when the days in the northern hemisphere grow longer and we begin to move from darkness to light.